The Sacrament of Confession/ Reconciliation

Q: What is Confession?

A: Confession is the act of Catholics in which they privately admit and confess to a priest those personal sins and abominations that they have committed. The Priest, acting as God’s emissary, counsels and admonishes the penitent, meets out a corrective punishment and pardons the sinner.

Q: Is Confession mandatory?

A: Yes, it must be made at least once a year.

Q: What is the mechanism for learning how to make a good Confession?

A: The Parish ensures that children attending the Sunday School classes learn how to make their Confession. Parishioners can prepare for confession, according to the knowledge acquired by them during childhood training or during RCIA prior to their First Holy Communion and by reading appropriate material published by the Catholic Church.

Refresher training for those who have fallen out of the practice of monthly Confession, is generally given by the priest during the special Penitential Services that are held twice a year during the Advent and Lenten seasons.


Q: How can I make my Confession and whom do I contact for my Confession?

A: Your Priests hear confessions on all Sundays during the times set aside for this and communicated in the Weekly Mass Bulletins.

Additionally, in preparation for special occasions and Church Feast days, extra times are arranged for Confessions of the faithful, to help them prepare for the Feast.

At other times and under exceptional circumstances, as in danger of imminent death, you may also request the Priest to hear your Confession.

Q: Is there any mode other than personal confession?

A: No, the Church directs only personal, one-on-one Confessions between a priest (Confessor) and an individual.

Please note: Your Confession is a Secret Seal and it cannot be leaked out to anyone under any circumstances whatsoever.